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All Hour Cymbals

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Yeasayer: All Hour Cymbals

Dear Friend of Music,

It would be an untruth if we were to tell you that our hearts weren’t ailing and our ears weren’t sleeping before stumbling across some YEASAYER demos over a year ago. Nibbling at the idea of raising the white flag, we have since then lifted our chins and turned about face.

Over the past year we have somehow managed to keep the music of YEASAYER under lock and key. A recording process that took place in two states, two cities, four buildings, and spanned 11 months, you would think it was a strenuous affair. It wasn’t, it was a pleasure.

The outcome, YEASAYER’S debut release, “ALL HOUR CYMBALS,” is a completely mystifying and magical travel. It would only be a lazy stab to make modern day comparisons. Please, make this an exercise. Pulling from every spectrum and mashing, then re-mashing, the YEASAYER collective have bent genre’s until unrecognizable.

YEASAYER’S components are four, each multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter, and chanter. Founded by half of a barbershop quartet, then followed by the rhythm, YEASAYER is a tight brotherhood undisrupted by the external.

Live, the four bring out the boogie, radiating heat waves and rhythms. Songs once laid to tape are constantly restructured and reworked, show to show, for a new experience.

Please take the time to listen to our first release and let us know what you think. If you would like more recordings and gifts please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Sincerely Yours.