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Real Pussy

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King Cyst: Real Pussy

Luka Usmiani was asked to come on board as principal lyricist for King Cyst in mid 2011, following the aftermath of his former project No Demons Here. King Cyst had primarily been an instrumental Doors cover band before Usmiani, so it wasn’t long before Usmiani passed along a demo CD to the band showcasing his own songwriting (“Magnificent”, “Greedy Garden”). The band was smitten and an album was recorded within five months time at Flower Power Studio with Usmiani penning most of the lyrics and singing on the opening track, among others. Saxophonist, Ian Drennan was called in to help finish the album with Usmiani after an extended period of failing to meet deadlines. Following lots of work and lots more work, King Cyst is happy to bring you their first full length Real Pussy, out September 11, 2012 on Underwater Peoples Records. Usmiani has built his songwriting on the shoulders of his heroes from the 1970s Canterbury Scene. Progressive legends Robert Wyatt and Kevin Ayers provide the backdrop for the whimsical nature of both his tunes and lyrics, and there is a healthy smattering of Syd Barrett that barely bubbles over Usmiani’s pot.