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Fool For Everyone

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Mike Bones: Fool For Everyone

A Fool For Everyone is Mike Bones’ second album and was recorded by Mitch Rackin at Seaside Lounge and mixed by Nicholas Vernhes at Rare Book Room. The record features a number of musicians including Matt Sweeney (Bonnie Prince Billy, Chavez, Zwan), Parker Kindred (Antony & The Johnsons), Ken Griffin (Favourite Sons), Brad Truax (Jah Division), members of Sian Alice Group (Rupert Clervaux, Ben Crook, Sasha Vine and Eben Bull) and Douglas Armour. It provides another ample demonstration of Mike Bones’ compositional range and depth as a songwriter, and stellar talents as a lyricist. With A Fool For Everyone he continues his journey to the top of the songwriter/guitar god heap.