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Sian Alice Group: 59.59

The Social Registry is pleased to announce the debut full-length album from London-based band, Sian Alice Group, 59.59. The band is already on the rise in its native England having opened a string of shows for Spiritualized and received a flurry of attention in the press. 59.59 is a fully realized and album that moves through traditional pop songwriting and instrumental composition while tempering it with studio improvisation. It is an epic record that showcases the talent and range and of this young group, taking in elements of various genres and making them their own. At a time when the musical landscape seems inundated with derivative retrogressive guitar bands, or acts reliant on sequenced beats and oscillator knobs, Sian Alice Group’s more classical inclinations show their willingness to tread their own path. 59.59 features guest appearances from Douglas Hart (Jesus & Mary Chain), John Coxon (Spiritualized, Spring Heel Jack) and Brian DeGraw (Gang Gang Dance).