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The Social Club Nº2

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Sian Alice Group: The Social Club Nº2

At the heart of London-based Sian Alice Group are multi-instrumentalists Rupert Clervaux, Ben Crook and vocalist Sian Ahern. Rupert and Ben two old friends who have been active in the music scene for the better part of a decade. Rupert is an engineer and producer, presently working with Spring Heel Jack and Treader records, and has recently toured as a drummer with Women & Children. Ben Crook is an accomplished music video director who has for some time been working on a series of home recordings under the name 40,000 Ghosts (his debut 7-inch was just released on Of The Manor, Of The Manor). After contemplating working with each other on their own music for several years, the duo finally got together last fall to work with vocalist Sian Ahern. Out of this initial collaboration was born Sian Alice Group, a band that combine pop melodies, improvisation and Sian’s ethereal voice. In order to flesh out their sound for their debut live show in Copenhagen the they enlisted three more members: Andy Ingle (guitars), Sasha Vine (violin/piano/vocals) and Douglas Hart (electric bass). In April 2007 the band played their second ever show, hand-picked to open for Spiritualized in London.