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Goods / Gods

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Hearts Hearts: Goods / Gods

Hearts Hearts explore emotional and moral ambiguities on Goods / Gods, taking aim at the ineffectiveness of the dichotomies and borderlines that define modern society in the process, preferring to "think in options" as Hämmerle puts it. The group sees the diagonal line of the slash symbol as representing an openness and flexibility in meaning; in similarity as much as difference. Produced by mastermind Peter Paul Aufreiter, the new album conjures a mix of anguish and ecstasy, whether it’s the funky falsetto of 'Sugar / Money', or digital monster ballad 'Do you often think about /'. Taking inspiration from the leftfield pop productions of Bon Iver, Jamie XX, and Son Lux, they skew addictive hooks into drippy song chambers, littering them with lucid samples and cybernetic production licks, conjoining contrasting elements with prisms of electronics and lush acoustic instrumentation. Lead single 'Phantom / Island' and instant motorik pop classic 'Goods / Gods' are most addictive and high-energy tracks yet from the quartet, blending groovier verses with increasingly majestic choruses. This is ultra-intelligent pop from a band that have found their true voice. Somewhere between happiness and sadness, energy and lethargy, electronica and rock - that's where you’ll find Hearts Hearts.