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Parenthetical Girls: Entanglements

Portand, Oregon’s Parenthetical Girls have traded in their small-screen sincerity for a bold and blustering Technicolour – a lush, longing and lusty celluloid schmaltz they call Entanglements. An orchestral song-cycle of grand sonic ambition, Entanglements is an eleven-song, linear narrative of ascendancy, adolescent sexuality, quantum mechanics, consent and other moral ambiguities! Borrowing string-swept sentimentality from the likes of Van Dyke Parks, Scott Walker, Jack Nitzsche, and Burt Bacharach, Entanglements draws colourful lines across the expanse between these orchestral pop antiquities and the more formidable strains of modern classical composers – its hues distantly reminiscent of names like Krzystof Penderecki, Philip Glass, and Gavin Bryars.