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Interpretaciones Del Oso

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Minus the Bear: Interpretaciones Del Oso

Minus the Bear might seemingly have come from out of nowhere. But after close to six years on the scene, following a long string of sold out shows and countless underground hits, the band is finally on the cusp of what seemingly befalls all artists... their first remix record. And while this act can frequently reek of self-indulgence with most bands, the resulting record here offers a fresh and varied look into a band that has sadly been reduced to the more pop corners of the earth. Minus the Bear have much more in common with chronic noise masters Dalek than you might think: their records are frequently steeped in atmospherics and peppered with some serious prog-rock tendencies. Their most recent full-length (and featured remix victim) Menos El Oso was heavy on samples and their live set finds guitarist Dave Knudson playing his peddles more frequently than his guitar; hunkered over the side of the stage, syncopated and spastic. As Minus the Bear transform, Interpretaciones Del Oso achieves that rare remix goal of presenting an already esteemed record in an entirely new light.