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Aura Obelisk

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Octagrape: Aura Obelisk

San Diego garage rockers return with their new full-length recorded with Chris Woodhouse (Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall) and Ben Moore (Hot Snakes, Pinback). Featuring Glen Galloway (Trumans Water, Soul-Junk), Ely Moyal (Trumans Water), Jason Begin, and Alexander Dausch. The band channels their over-the-top insatiable live energy into 18 new songs and a blistering cover of Swell Maps' "Vertical Slum." The results are a blend of Octagrape's hottish live tune-delivery-syndrome and curbed bursts of studio as instrument. Desperate stabs at blending the songwriting un-writing lessons they appeared to learn on the Major Mayor Maxion Marble covers EP with a forced step into no/new/neu-wave. Jinxed sophomores managing to prune themselves into a number of unexpected shapes only to crush bits of woolly nectar out of each. And all of it delivered with the utmost urgent confidence that the rest of the listening universe needs to hear this as badly as they need to unburden themselves of it...