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Emotional Oil

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Octagrape: Emotional Oil

Emotional Oil is the missing link in Octagrape's wild early 4-track jam spigot. "Eternal Hair" is Jason Begin's first octasong, with Glen Galloway scrawling mad vocal lines about careening tornado phobias and mistaken identity over top. "Teenage Baboons" is a song about Jell-O sunlight capturing and pixilating all possible future nostalgias. "Soviets": a monster riff Glen somehow unearthed while connecting Major Stars to Modulo 1000 and bouncing low sparks off a couple slapback glammed out verses. It pulls its cold-war glow from a secret stash of ancient vacuum tube storerooms hidden deep in the San Bernardino mountains; keep your comrade warm. The EP's closer is "9-Eyed Lion", and it bulldozes like some schlep ghostwriting songs about unanimous relating with Mott The Hoople. There's a clear sense of the royal stalking pain of a ravenous beast that's got you and yours completely surrounded, keeping the entire village up in shifts all night. Lighters. There is conquest, drool, saber-rattling, capture/freedom, and a roaring return to the question, "Was it ever?" The B-side features an etching by John Ringhofer (Half-handed Cloud) as an interpretation of a young Jude Galloway doodle. Cutaway: all the mind is a stage. All the required stages are out of sequence. There is a podium and a feeding-back mic for you to sing epically through to your own frontal lobe.