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Octagrape: Red UFO

Octagrape emerged in 2012 as a mild case of stunted spontaneous combustion from Glen Galloway's (Soul Junk, Truman's Water) wandering imagination. Glen had a handful of weird hooks and songs he didn't know what to do with and started to play some solo shows. The band expanded into a four piece as Glen enlisted skate photographer O Bartholomew to play bass, Ely Moyal (Truman's Water) on drums, and Jason Begin on guitar. Red UFO came together as part of a batch of 30 songs recorded quickly and live-in-the-studio. From the fried pulse of opener "Real Light" to the final seasick euphoric rinse of "Trevor Cobalt", this kind of sums up the live experience all squashed up in cheap old compressors and oozing out any opening available.