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Where Neon Goes To Die

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Steven A. Clark: Where Neon Goes To Die

Where Neon Goes to Die explores a complex relationship full of highs and lows. From sultry pop to heart aching ballads, the album retells Clark's travels through the city's nocturnal fantasy land through hooky, R&B-infused synth pop-file it alongside Prince and Frank Ocean - that (maybe ironically) could fill the floors at the same clubs he's singing about.

But of course when Clark writes about his city he's really writing about himself. Where Neon Goes to Die retells Clark's travels through the Miami's nocturnal fantasy land. At its core, it is the story of a musician casting aside the distractions of his youth and discovering not only a new level of maturity, but a new level to his talents. After a string of mixtapes and EPs, and his 2015 debut LP The Lonely Roller, Clark's making music more confidently than he ever has before, sliding effortlessly between effervescent future disco on "Feel This Way” to purple-tinged slow-burn soul on "Easy Fall," a duet with Gavin Turek.