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Jorma Whittaker

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Jorma Whittaker: Jorma Whittaker

With his debut full-length, Jorma Whittaker busts out of the sarcophagus known as Marmoset, the dark pop band he has fronted since 1995. Whittaker boldly opens the album with the uncompromising 7-minute long piano ballad "Clocks in the Sun". It is clear from the outset that this is Whittaker's record and no one else's. Having stripped the democratic process from record-making, Whittaker has created his best and most personal album to date — this is his Plastic Ono Band; his All Things Must Pass. "Molly Melancholy" is something the Jesus and Mary Chain might stagger onto at the end of the line, with its snarled guitars, green clovers & blue diamonds. There is a rendition of the classic 1965 Everly Brothers B-side, "Man with Money", which Whittaker first heard as done by the Fabulous Poodles. Fans of Marmoset's peculiar sound will really enjoy the Syd-meets-the-Cure style of the apocalyptic "Birds are Falling through the Sky". Produced by long-time collaborator LonPaul Ellrich and the band included the supporting cast (but not the core band) of Marmoset's latest full-length Record In Red.