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Satan's Kickin' Yr Dick In

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Racebannon: Satan's Kickin' Yr Dick In

A year has passed since Racebannon launched their last SCUD-like assault on eardrums in the form of the In the Grips of the Light album, but this has not been a silent time for the group. Locked away in the dungeon, and working in conjunction with the powers of rock n roll and the ineffable king of darkness, a new day descends upon the Bannon camp. If In the Grips was a dirty bomb, then Satan's Kickin Yr Dick In is an ICBM headed right for your rectal. Recorded once again with Mike Mogis at the helm, Racebannon craft a sordid tale of woe, depression, excitement, accolade, fear, rise, fall, alpha and omega through a five-part aural aria of the pleasures and pain of the rock n roll lifestyle. As much influenced by Sleeps Jerusalem as The Who's Tommy, this record finds Racebannon honing in on the kill, birthing songs, canonizing and edifying sonic Armageddon-day chicanery. The ratio of noise to music is now incorporated into one cohesive whole, and tracks often go from a funeral dirge to a defiant and pompous rock anthem into a spaced out overdose on frustration and quaaludes - often within the constraints of one song. More bottom end than a Waffle House on old-folks day, enough raw power to keep California lit for a year, more presence than a class of schizophrenics, and enough heaviosity to cause His Damnededness the Dark Lord Satan himself to either mosh or foul his undies: Indiana's bastards are back, and they are poised to destroy, phasers set on kill.