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I Conjure Series

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Scout Niblett: I Conjure Series

On the follow-up to her much-lauded debut Sweet Heart Fever, Scout Niblett has pretty much wiped the slate clean. A collection of songs that are minimal in their structure and arrangement, but complex in their passion of execution, I Conjure Series is a raw and bold excursion into the poetic universe of a vagabond of the new world. Comprised of seven songs on which she performs all the instruments (four are drums & vocals songs, two are guitar and vocals songs, and one is vocals-only) this mini-album was recorded live in Glasgow, Scotland at Chem19 Studios, just a train ride from Ms. Niblett's hometown of Nottingham, England. A new drummer, Scout Niblett comes from the Half Japanese school of music-making, one which heralds the amateur's capacity for imaginative experience. The result is a record that sounds like it takes as much from Elizabeth Cotten as it does Huggy Bear. I Conjure Series is a playful record, but also a very serious one. Songs are dressed innocently, but bear heavy emotional tidings. Her second full-length is being recorded by Steve Albini in Chicago, IL and is slated for an early 2003 release.