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Marmoset: Mishawaka

So we're presented with another glorious entry in the ever-unfurling Marmoset saga. What began as a wondrous blend of bedroom atmospherics and alley-side narcolepsy has slowly brewed into one of the most exciting experiments in moody adult pop since Brian Eno divorced himself from Roxy Music, John Cale spent his melody on PARIS 1919, and Richard Davies united the globe in a lasting world-peace with TELEGRAPH. With this wonderful 8-song EP, Marmoset ought to keep its ever-increasing fandom both pleased and rabid-as-ever until its next full-length outing, the follow-up to their critically acclaimed RECORD IN RED. For the uninitiated, Marmoset is a three-piece from Indianapolis, Indiana, composed of two primary songwriters Jorma Whittaker & Dave Jablonski whose tunes evoke the same sort of claustrophobic mood that Syd Barrett and Big Star created in their respective world corners a few decades ago, but with a subtle post-punk consciousness which is the distinguisher that separates Marmoset from such idyllic peers as Belle & Sebastian and Badly Drawn Boy.

Release date: 02/12/02