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Let the Darkness Fall

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Suzanne Langille & Loren MazzaCane Connors: Let the Darkness Fall

Let the Darkness Fall is the return of singer / lyricist Suzanne Langille. She is once again joined by longtime collaborator Loren MazzaCane Connors as well as Atlanta's Andrew Burnes and David Daniell of the group San Agustin. The result is an intensely bleak, yet satisfying, musical excursion. A much steamier affair than Suzanne's and Loren's previous concept album THE ENCHANTED FOREST, LET THE DARKNESS FALL showcases Suzanne's lyrical intonation and her zesty, more sensual vocal style. Her deep and throaty vocals parallel the doleful sounds of the trio on songs like "Strong And Foolish Heart" and "A Sadness In Me." The album is full of gently churning and ethereal moments which are steeped heavily in the musical and emotional concentration that only the wisdom afforded to veterans of this group's tenure can allow. Loren's lone blue notes quietly escape to the forefront of the dual guitar weaving of Andrew and David. Six of the seven songs are darkly textured by the bending tones of what is often a three-guitar chorus. LET THE DARKNESS FALL finds Suzanne and Loren entering their fourth decade of performance, while Andrew and David are beginning their second. But does it offer a clear picture of where these artists are headed? Perhaps. Or maybe it's simply a month of frolic in the life of four fine musicians.