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Today It’s You

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Marmoset: Today It’s You

At times disturbing and uncomfortable, Marmoset present their tales of street walking, dope seeking and titty clubs in precise and pop-formatted doses. On their debut EP HIDDENFORBIDDEN critics painted Marmoset, despite the under-two-minute-mark in which their songs traveled, as a brooding and slightly twisted group borrowing from early Sonic Youth. Still, Marmoset's delightful pop sensibility is undercut by a dark underbelly that keeps the songs hanging in a complex zone of romance and reality, sharing more a vibe stylistically similar to Felt, Syd Barrett and early Roxy Music, while mixing the over-the top pomp production of SOME GIRLS-era Rolling Stones with feet planted firmly in the ALIEN LANES living room. Undoubtedly, with TODAY IT'S YOU, Marmoset finds itself on the cusp of a very dirty sleeve.