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Bob’s Bacon Barn

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The Japonize Elephants: Bob’s Bacon Barn

String the banjo. Lick the reeds. Pack the bowl... The lives of the Japonize Elephants are the type an outsider can never comprehend. Brought together by an unnatural obsession with pirate culture, robots, Bill Monroe and fried bacon, the nine people of the tribe are steered by the Emperqq of Zorlock through a catacomb of musical styles at hyper speeds only a Zorlockian could function at. BOB'S BACON BARN is the first release by the Japonize Elephants and gives a glimpse of what this band is capable of. Their musical goulash smells of bluegrass sauteed with a Spanish Middle-Eastern spice and smattered with hardcore Irish pepper, yet is not so easy to pin down. Recorded live to one microphone on Thanksgiving Day, 1996, the violin sounds as crisp as the hubcap percussion.