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Odd Scene / Shit Luck

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Blanck Mass: Odd Scene / Shit Luck

The first Blanck Mass non-album single since the 2016 release of the majestic 'D7-D5' will be a surprise to some. The crunching sonic twin punch of both cuts are actually in keeping with the Blanck Mass aesthetic, at the harder edge of his previous work, and then some. As the man himself explains: "I grew up playing in punk and hardcore bands so this is no new venture for me, but perhaps as far as Blanck Mass released material goes "ODD SCENE / SHIT LUCK" might be the snottiest. Here we have a couple of Anti-macho pop songs about a pair of walking hard-ons I surreptitiously observed at a truck stop whilst I was out touring last year."

This serves as a quickfire follow up to the recent remix EP, and couldn't be further from that experimental foray into the collaborative experience. Here he goes it alone, and the observational sub-text informs the two most powerful tracks of Blanck Mass' career.