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Oscillate Wisely

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Mike Adams at His Honest Weight: Oscillate Wisely

Michael Dwayne Adams has a unique gift for crafting engaging melodies while applying some well-oiled decision-making skills. Not since Low’s Secret Name has an album so easily lent itself to being the perfect accompaniment to either having a full-blown existential crisis or simply making out in the backseat at the local drive-in on a rainy night. The wit and candor of Roger Miller and Morrissey… the faint-inducing crooning of Roy Orbison and Chris Isaac… the ethereal transcendence of Talk Talk and Starflyer 59… the dash-pounding drive of Neu! and The Ramones… the pop ingenuity of Badfinger and Big Star… they all seem to be present in one way or another on Oscillate Wisely. And, not unlike the Cocteau Twins’ Tiny Dynamite EP, these captivating jams are blanketed in rich sonic whirlpools that make you feel as though you’ve finally mastered the art of lucid dreaming. As with all St. Ives releases, Oscillate Wisely is made in limited edition hand-wrought (by the artist himself) packaging using only salvaged materials.