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Tammar: Tammar

Working out the kernels of their corn-fried haze, Tammar is an exercise in balancing minimalist riffs with maximalist peaks & valleys. While the usual rise-fall theory of rock is tired, with Tammar there's a focus on the jam rather then cold hard numbers. On stage they are always a bit different - moments are stretched and condensed at will, and on record its no different. Minimal keyboards and drums bring to mind early Suicide while tripping guitars and theatrical accented vocals bring to mind the more paisley moments of Felt and U2, respectively. This four-piece from just north of Louisville, KY recorded these songs primarily live off the cement floor of the basement of Grotto Home Studios by the deft hands of Daniel Burton. Bending the materials of the world until the band itself is a conduit for feelings hot and wet and primal as sex. But that's not all. Tammar tastes the psychedelic aether, visiting the realms above as well as below, transmitting those good vibrations. Turn down the lights, turn up your stereo and rock these five hits of ecstasy.