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Jeremy Jay: Dreamland

Jeremy Jay lives in Angel Town. He plays the piano and sits out on his deck late at night and looks over the rooftops. Inspired by the cinema, his new record "DREAMLAND" is quite a unique record for him. A more experimental & classical record, this music was originally created as a "musik-movie", a soundtrack for a short film starring Jeremy Jay also called "DREAMLAND". While Jeremy is best known for his Buddy Holly-esque pop musings, "DREAMLAND" is a departure in that it is moody instrumental music composed on and for the keyboard, and feels like an Angelo Badalamenti score to a film by John Hughes. This St. Ives release is in a handmade edition of 300. The artwork for the LP is a Jeremy Jay paper doll set. There are two different paper doll sets for two different cover styles. Each LP is unique & hand-wrought. Of course you could cut up the covers and put the cut-outs on your wall or just leave them the way they are in their sleeve!