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When The Lifted Connive

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Broadfield Marchers: When The Lifted Connive

The members of Broadfield Marchers have been quietly writing and recording power-pop gems for several years. Until now, few folks have walked in the hazy sunshine of the Louisville, KY trio. The vault has finally been cracked, with their debut long-player When the Lifted Connive.

While there is a certain tip of the hat to Robert Pollard’s anthems, deeper influences are shared with GbV’s captain – ranging from Badfinger to Cheap Trick to early Bee Gees. All the while the Marchers avoid clichéd tribute, maintaining a freshness not unlike contemporary practitioners such as Field Music and The Shins.

Fronted by the brothers Zdobylak, Broadfield Marchers are Dustin on lead vocals and guitar, Mark on bass and backing vocals, along with Justin Carter on drums. As is the St. Ives way, When the Lifted Connive is strictly limited – in this case to 300 numbered copies. Though in an effort for the record to live on, St. Ives will be, for the first time, also be releasing the title digitally. But we all know mp3s don’t look as good on your record shelf.