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No Age: Separation

After 10 years of being a band No Age have been all over the world and they have seen some pretty ugly things. Some vile, nasty, putrid happenings. When they are together making music they channel the light and whimsical to act as contrary forces to the habitual haze of hegemony force fed by these opposing forces. Luckily, after all this time they have decided to self release a 7" to act as an escape. We give you this A side "Separation" b/w "Serf To Serf" as a reminder to always stand up against negative energy, conformity and expectation. Pressed in an edition of 600 for a tour in Norway this fall (2016), Secretly Distribution joins in the fight to spread the good word and distribute this music to the finer humans who live in the (b)re(a)st of the world.