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Sitcom Afterlife

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Frontier Ruckus: Sitcom Afterlife

As time has settled things, the fossils of Frontier Ruckus' first records remain, but a new rolling house has been built upon it by the band, as if pulled from show to show, tour stop to tour stop. Matthew Milia and company aren't stopping. There's some place to be. Now 6 years on from their first full length, lauds from NPR, Paste, Rolling Stone, and Daytrotter in the rear-view, and remnants of tours to Europe and each corner of these United States scattered in fanny-packs and hollow-body guitar cases, Sitcom Afterlife, set to arrive November 11th, 2014, speaks with a more compact and frontal approach. In these new songs Frontier Ruckus isn't retreading those two-lane highways they've came on, but leaning forward - there's a structured forward motion to this collection, a sense of urgency toward the present, and a brevity that speaks of immediate passion - not disregarding that lived-in past but also not forlornly dragging it behind this shiny-new Airstream trailer that is Sitcom Afterlife.