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Sissy Spacek: Contretemps

Although the mysterious Sissy Spacek existed in various forms from summer 1999 to their last known gig in Los Angeles, they are practically unknown in—let alone out of—California. Their recorded output is incredibly rare and highly priced and interviews or articles in the music press virtually non-existent. Tie that in with extreme sensory assault at live shows, links to radical ideologies, and a general aura of confusion and you have the ultimate cult group. SISSY SPACEK had their beginnings at CalArts in summer 1999 with their first demo—four grindcore songs which are featured on the Troubleman Unlimited-issued “Gore Jet” 7", since then hey have released a slew of records, much more noise oriented, CONTRETEMPS brings it back, the first record with a live drummer, you could say this was grindcore, power violence, noise music.. it really is just SISSY SPACEK