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For Use and Delight

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Promised Land Sound: For Use and Delight

Nashville's finest purveyors of febrile root-work psychedelia return with a dizzyingly accomplished second album that highlights an expanded band (including members of the Paperhead and Fly Golden Eagle); bigger, bolder arrangements featuring more and louder guitars, squally strings, and Steve Gunn; and road-ripened songwriting that veers between the frenetic and tender, recalling Jim Ford, the Pretty Things, the Grateful Dead, Dennis Linde, and the Byrds at their most eight-miles-fried.

Reminds me of Eggs Over Easy & the Link Wray albums - a version of country-rock that isn’t too glossy, that still has gravel stuck in the boot toes. - William Tyler

What the Byrds might have sounded like had Gram Parsons joined the band a year or two earlier. Exemplary! - John Mulvey, Uncut

It has that wonderful bar-band sound. Really fresh! - Ann Powers, NPR

Brisk country-rock tunes that might make a young Gram Parsons kneel down and pray. - PopMatters