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What's a Heminger? EP

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The Hemingers: What's a Heminger? EP

Loud, snotty, and fully loaded, the Hemingers carry the trash-rock torch like a fistful of dynamite. Fronted by rock-cult illustrator Ben Lyon, the trio adds scuzzy freakshow alchemy to atomic-era tittyshakers and frat rock. Their debut EP WHAT'S A HEMINGER? is a party platter of reckless thrills that will leave you with sticky mysteries to savor long after the pie's been had.

In the beer-soaked tradition of garage punk ala the Mummies, the Oblivians, and Thee Milkshakes, the Hemingers play ROCKnROLL stripped down to its primitive pulse. Add to that vicious guitar rips, rattletrap rhythms, and a face-diving, lucha libre performance style