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Heaven Is Too High

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Vacation Club: Heaven Is Too High

Club's debut full-length HEAVEN IS TOO HIGH fries you blind with pleasant and poisonous psych-pop. The Indiana four-piece delivers infectious bubblegum chewed up and spit out by the agitated, chemical laced mind of misspent Midwestern youth. In the tradition of HOOSIER HYSTERIA proto-punk, ala the Gizmos and the Panics, the Vacation Club boys turn out mutant sunshine and junkstore adrenaline. HEAVEN'S 11 tracks of sweet-tart melodies, catchy punk riffs and teenybop backup vocals dart through stratospheric layers of reverb and corrosive fuzz guitar. With equal parts Daniel Johnston's boy wonder and Johnny Rotten's snottiness, Samuel James's hormone-fueled voice cuts through all the paranoid chatter and leaves your better angels dead on the dissection table.

HEAVEN IS TOO HIGH was recorded by John Dawson in the sonic caverns of Magnetic South in Bloomington, IN, and features the artwork of Xerox the Kid.