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Mac McCaughan: Non-Believers

Superchunk frontman Mac McCaughan was ready to take a collection of unused tracks he had written for various movie soundtracks and assemble a new solo album. He needed only to write a few more songs to round out what was supposed to be an invigorating power pop record. Sounds easy enough, right? However, upon employing some dusty synths on the tracks "Your Hologram" and "Only Do," McCaughan realized that he wanted to use the album, eventually titled Non-Believers, to explore his fascination with that early-'80s era of music when punk evolved into something more introspective, focusing on themes of isolation and eventually turning into post-punk and new wave. It also became clear that he had to scrap the original batch of songs in order to do it.

When writing the songs for Non-Believers, McCaughan had a duo of fictional teen goths in mind and followed them on their journey of growing into adulthood and transitioning into a world they weren't sure they'd accept. "The important thing is that they're going through it together," he says. Upon hearing the spacey opening keyboard notes of "Your Hologram," it's hard to resist going on that journey with these kids.