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When the Sun is the Moon

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Hudson Bell: When the Sun is the Moon

Baton Rouge born and raised in the South, it was at the early age of thirteen that Hudson Bell began tinkering with the guitar. His lessons ended abruptly when his guitar teacher committed suicide, forcing Hudson to teach himself how to play and write. After years of skipping through various cities (Oxford, Little Rock, Lexington) and stacks of novels later, Hudson left the South for the West Coast. It was in San Francisco that Hudson Bell created the band “Hudson Bell” with his friends John Slater (bass, piano/organ) and Brian Fraser (drums) and recorded “When the Sun is the Moon.” Pop at heart, “When the Sun is the Moon” gets swsllowed in swirls of distortion and dense guitar solos and binges. On par with guitar benders Neil Young and Doug Martsch, Hudson Bell’s guitars change densities, get lost, spiral, then return. Yet, even under the eruptions of fuzz and mounds of pedal tapping, there are epic pop songs. Tracks filled with sincere lyricism and unavoidable melodies. “When the Sun is the Moon” is grand on all measures, filled with contagious jams and monstrous guitar hooks that will get you cranking your speakers to hear every crackle and buzz.