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Never Let Them Catch You Crying

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More Dogs: Never Let Them Catch You Crying

" Swear it's Charlie Chaplin covering This Heat or Brise-Glace! ....a grand mix of playful and artistry." - Pataphysics Res. Journal

More Dogs are an enigmatic trio from Monitor's hard working hometown of Baltimore, USA. After experimenting for several years in their loft/studio in Little Italy, More Dogs finally emerged with a refreshing sound based around a varied collection of instruments; the standards: guitar, bass, drums, organ, and the non-standards: whistles, triangles, vibraphones, slapsticks, blocks, and cowbells.

Their sound, always difficult to interpret into words is somewhere between soundtrack-circus-instrumental-rock. Or as a reviewer put it "like being stoned listening to Van Dyke Parks' Song Cycle while your little brother is watching cartoons in the other room."

The album was recorded almost entirely live in the studio, during which the members had to tip toe around the studio and interchange instruments. On stage More Dog perform the same way. Swapping instruments while playing, sometimes holding the keys down on the organ until someone replaces them, or holding notes on a guitar to make a switch, all working in some sort of choreography that matches the whimsical charm of More Dogs' music.

Recorded and live, More Dogs are producing diversely beautiful music that gets more rewarding after each listening session.