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Oxes EP

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Oxes: Oxes EP

The OXES are back, and in grand style. After spending time apart getting married in Italy, delivering pizzas, worshipping football great Ray Lewis, and perfecting the art of the "claw" the OXES have returned to put their finest tunes to date on tape in THREE years! Recorded by the OXES in their way fab home studio in the outskirts of Baltimore, the OXES EP is a maddening chunk of rock'n'roll, containing signature OXES' stadium riffage, drum spills and fills, and sense of humor. But, this release is a turning point in the OXES songwriting as they dabble in more straight forward rock numbers, and more, well mental rock numbers. Playing with time signatures, guitar leads/solos, off kilter rhythms, and even remixing a song, the OXES have taken a step into a slightly new direction. Simply put, this lil' ep will slay!!!

Please be advised to be on drugs when you listen to this album.