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Cass McCombs: PREfection

Never achieving the mass popularity that they deserved, CASS MCCOMBS’ first two releases "Not the Way" and "A" were able to catch press acclaim wherever there were ears smart enough to appreciate them. But it will be hard to keep "PREfection", CASS MCCOMBS 2nd full length, within the grasp of just the underground. A shift of character, "PREfection" is a record of swooning romance, with a pristine guitar pop heart. The mood is a timeless one of slumbering, echo-y drums, ghostly organ drones, reverb-shuddering guitars, and CASS’s vocal taking the foreground, towering with an understated emotive quality, either whispering in your ear or losing itself in its own melodies. CASS’ words and lyrics on "PREfection" are nothing less than astounding. There are short stories with stray ends that need tying up, an intriguing obliqueness, but Cass wants to keep the veil in place. All the better to lure you in.

With "PREfection" CASS MCCOMBS, will finally be realized as a prominent and critical artist of our time. There is something new and magical here.