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Various Artists: Membranaphonics

We know what your thinking, drummers going solo: Phil Collins, Don Henley, Peter Criss. The odds are not looking too good, but we gambled anyway. Fortunately, everything has payed off, and we are happy to say that we have compiled a record chock full of hot stix and Moby Dicks. After years of waiting Membranaphonics is finally here! It has taken roughly three years to compile the tracks on Membranaphonics, and as you will hear it has been worth it. Drummers are complicated people, and it isn?t easy to pull them out from behind their safety net...the drum set. This compilation is a collection of songs performed by some of the most creative and talented drummers touring and recording today. A release for some, this project has allowed the drummer to go in a direction that their current vehicle would not allow them. You will be surprised to hear that these drummers are not only proficient on the skins, but are adept to handling many instruments and some can even sing! Of course like individual drum kits, not one of these songs are alike. Diverse, eclectic, whatever adjective you would like to use, this collection is varied and interesting. Listen in and let this record smash your thoughts of Sussudio and bring a new respect for the person behind that stack of drums.