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Heroine: The Complete Wild Poppies Collection (1986-1989)

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The Wild Poppies: Heroine: The Complete Wild Poppies Collection (1986-1989)

Originating from Wellington, New Zealand and arriving in the U.K. at the back end of the '80s, The Wild Poppies and their "Warm Wall of Sound" resided somewhere between the jangle pop of other indie scene favorites such as The Rain Parade and The Church and the proto-shoegaze of Loop, Spacemen 3 and My Bloody Valentine. Basing themselves in Oxford, and touring with well-known contemporaries such as Ride and Swervedriver (their housemates), The Wild Poppies forged a name for themselves and enjoyed a "1001 night" season as a touring favorite, before dissolving in the face of the impending U.K. rave culture. After that, as guitarist Nick Taylor states, "Nobody ever saw The Wild Poppies... Very few at least, and I suspect that those few that did can actually remember it now. I certainly can't, and I was IN the Wild Poppies." This collection compiles their long out-of-print "Heroine" LP, the "Stare at the Sun" 7", the "Out of Time" EP as well as demos for many latter-day tracks (both released and unreleased).