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Very Friendly

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AIDS Wolf: Very Friendly

On September 14th, AIDS WOLF release their most unique record to date--and their 3rd on Lovepump United: a 12” crammed with some of the most important noise musicians of the past decade remixing AIDS Wolf’s cover of THROBBING GRISTLE’s “Very Friendly.” A North American tour will follow...

The results are more challenging and bizarre than you could possibly imagine: nightmarish kraut from WEASEL WALTER (FLYING LUTTENBACHERS); sparse, terrifying soundscapes from WOLF EYES’ JOHN OLSEN; searing noise and auto-tune from Baltimore legends NAUTICAL ALMANAC; manic, pounding rhythms from JASON FORREST; and alienating, reverb-drenched skree from Cleveland’s EMERALDS. It’s one of the most visceral sounding records we’ve heard all year, and most certainly does justice to Throbbing Gristle’s bold legacy.