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To Realize

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Clipd Beaks: To Realize

After two woozy, psychedelic, and often–claustrophobic records that touched upon their great potential (2006’s Preyers EP and 2007’s Hoarse Lords), the Oakland-based Clipd Beaks have birthed something pretty damn amazing. 'To Realize' is a turning-point. A record of personal and artistic growth. Sonically expansive, lyrically profound, and deeply moving. It recalls the societal hangover depicted in the great California rock records of the early 70’s, while sitting firmly in the noisy, chaotic present day. It’s a tribute to love, to moving forward, to rejecting doom. 'To Realize' places itself as a beacon of sprawling, humanist hope in an increasingly digital world...and anyone who still believes in the transformative power of Rock n’ Roll will recognize it in this record.