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Patience Hell

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Mythless: Patience Hell

Positivity is a rare commodity these days. Mythless is the most aggressively major-key-laden, percussion-heavy, heartwarming experimental music you're likely to hear. The new guitarworshiping project from Fang Island cofounder Jason Bartell is at once heavy, anthemic, pensive, and triumphantly hopeful. The debut EP Patience Hell somehow exists at the intersection of trancemetal and meditativehardcore. Driven by the shredding, dronelike drums of fellow Fang Island expat Marc St. Sauveur, Mythless flirts with the techy music of their peers, but seems to share more DNA with Enya than The Dillinger Escape Plan. The band's unabashed guitar rock exists without ego and without irony. It comes from a place deep inside. Bartell's artistic candor seems to possess a brazen joy and obliviousness to judgement, like watching a stranger in the car next to you belt out a Journey song without a care in the world. It's beautiful, and infectious.