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Detroit, MI 1997 - 2001

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Heathered Pearls: Detroit, MI 1997 - 2001

Since his 2012 debut as Heathered Pearls, Jakub Alexander has constructed art - music, objects, installations - as a way of revisiting and re-imagining fragments of his past. The Polish-born producer's first album was a slow, oceanic response to the ambient music his mother introduced him to as a kid. His second, 2015's Body Complex, used melodic repetition to render the architectural structures of his daydreams as a teen, as well as the late night drives home with friends in the afterglow of a rave. Detroit, MI 1997 - 2001 resumes reflection on the formative era. The EP's four compositions take their respective names from four distinct locations of Alexander's youth, and sonically suggest the deeper sides of early Detroit techno. The sound that pulled him and countless others from the suburbs to the scene at a young age; music he’s been DJing for the last 20 years and relied on especially when warming up bigger rooms on tour with Tycho.