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Kid Millions & Jim Sauter: Fountain

Drummer Kid Millions and saxophonist Jim Sauter vaporize the annals of rock 'n' roll n' jazz into pulsating feedback/propulsion on Fountain - their second album. Across six pieces they explore massively hypnotic tonal harmonics and torrential rhythms. This is hardcore abstraction from two New York sherpas yanking us headlong into a third-eye odyssey, surpassing altitudes merely attempted by others. Kid is founding member of Oneida and the ace behind the percussion-focused Man Forever. Sauter is synonymous with the 35-year juggernaut Borbetomagus - pioneers of sound/jazz vivisection and inexorable vision. While both are known for feats of extreme artistic endurance, as a duo they opt for ferocious concentration - a savage pop-style of density and texture. As an omnipotent duo, neither Kid or Sauter anchors the other, instead they smash the fulcrum and spin perpetually in free-fall. LP in edition of 800, includes download.