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Prospect Hummer

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Animal Collective: Prospect Hummer

Animal Collective's 'Prospect Hummer' EP, previously only available on CD and digitally, is making its way to vinyl almost exactly ten years since its original release on FatCat. 'Prospect Hummer' was the last release to see Animal Collective operating in a largely acoustic singer-songwriter / freak-folk mode, and three of the EP's four tracks feature the sweet, distinctive vocals of cult singer-songwriter Vashti Bunyan.

The idea for this EP germinated during a 2003 tour, which saw Animal Collective (playing as an Avey Tare / Panda Bear duo) supporting Four Tet across the UK. Having long been huge fans of her sole album at that time (the rediscovered 1970 gem, 'Just Another Diamond Day'), Animal Collective happened to meet Vashti when the tour passed through Edinburgh. Following this meeting, ideas were hatched and conversations began, culminating in the group selecting these three beautiful songs for Vashti to make a home in.