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Maarja Nuut & Ruum: Muunduja

Maarja Nuut is a singer and violinist. An utterly compelling, often hypnotic performer, she was born in Rakvere, in northern Estonia. Maarja has studied classical and folk music extensively. The modal sound of the pre-Soviet, Estonian "village style" - and her constant experiments with live looping - are central to her music. Hendrik Kaljujärv (aka Ruum) started making electronic music at the age of 15. Kaljujärv has no academic training. His expertise in creating soundscapes was forged in Tallinn's avant-garde theatre NO99; where he worked as sound engineer and designer. Essentially the recording of two musicians' inner travels, Muunduja is a release that relies heavily on gesture and spirit. Maarja Nuut & Ruum's music often lures us into unimagined conversations with elements of our psychic selves that we may have otherwise forgotten. Whether the listener reacts through out-of-body experiences, glitches in cerebral programming, or old fashioned magic is immaterial. We experience the phenomena presented to us, and we take new insights from them.