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Dmitry Evgrafov: Collage

Following nearly three years of silence, FatCat's 130701 imprint is reactivated, with several new signings lined up ahead of next year's fifteenth anniversary of the label that played a pioneering role in the development of today's vibrant post-classical scene. The first of these signings, Dmitry Evgrafov is a hugely talented young Moscow based pianist/ composer/ multiinstrumentalist.

Collage' sees a clear shift from Dmitry's previous releases, each of which was marked by self-imposed restrictions. His first EP, 'Lying On Your Shoulder', adhered to an extremely minimalistic approach, using just string trio and piano; while on 'Pereehali', Dmitry confined himself to a single instrument, a Petrof upright piano, and a specific recording location. Feeling somewhat unsatisfied, Dmitry decided to take a break in order to rethink his approach to composing. He began a job as a sound designer, writing bespoke music for videos, commercials, audiovisual installations and scores. Working to set briefs under stricter conditions and with less time for introspection, the experience turned out to be liberating.