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Taro Tarot

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These Are Powers: Taro Tarot

Taro Tarot is the finest document of These Are Powers’ prowess to date. Following the departure of original drummer Ted McGrath, Chicagoan Bill Salas brings together the bands’ musical ideas concisely and cohesively in just over 20 minutes. It is no easy feat, but on Taro Tarot, These Are Powers demonstrate to the world the power they wield. The low end undercurrent emanating from Noecker’s sub bass tones is like no sound you have ever heard from the four stringed instrument, while the tribal and primitive rhythm of “Chipping Ice” shows that while this band’s music is known to be a heavy sonic excursion, you can also fucking dance to it. The frequency-analyzed sounds of “Cockles” are a thing of beauty, while “Twin Remains” shares a melodic sensibility with SST-era Sonic Youth. These Are Powers pack an eclectic infinity into these six tracks, channeling far-flung musical ideas with their undeniable intuitive sense into an epic, focused statement. Upon one listen to Taro Tarot you will realize These Are Powers have arrived.