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By the Hedge

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Minks: By the Hedge

The project of Shaun Kilfoyle, Minks' moody take on indie pop initially drew comparisons to the Cure, New Order, and My Bloody Valentine. Little was known about the group until the April 2010 release of their first single, "Funeral Song". That summer, the band returned with second single "Ophelia", revealing a softer side to Minks' music. Live shows with Veronica Falls and labelmates Cosmetics and Blank Dogs increased buzz around the band, culminating with the release of Minks' debut album, By the Hedge, in January 2011. With their debut, MINKS showcased the ability to make listeners feel an eternal autumn. Kilfoyle's ability to capture the raincoat grey Boston mornings of his youth make you feel like you are listening to a dream, only you're awake and standing in the pouring rain. Put on your raincoat and enjoy the splendor.