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Gone Banana

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Mega Bog: Gone Banana

A thick green mist, a lush chill vibe; after 5 years and countless self-released tapes and CDs, Mega Bog -- the brainchild of songwriter Erin Birgy -- has complete her best work to date; a swirling pop cloud called Gone Banana. Influenced equally by the emotional psychedelia of Kevin Ayers and the pop whimsy of Steely Dan, Banana is a joyous declaration of artistic independence and purpose. Changing line-ups more than most people change clothes, Birgy is an enigmatic musician and a true weirdo.

Alternately a tender songwriting project, a blazin-hot jazz-rock combo, or an open forum for goofy one offs and fragile experimentations, Mega Bog is ultimately whatever Birgy wants it to be on a given day. For Banana, she gathered a loose group of Seattle's thriving experimental pop and improvised music scene. Sounding equal parts Ariel Pink and Prefab Sprout, they rip through 9 hazy burners with a sneaky tightness hidden behind layers of drizzle and reverb. Birgy's rich voice croons and bends around the shifting walls of sound, organizing and refocusing the swirl. An immersive listening experience for oddball pop addicts, peek into the life of a truly strange soul.