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FF: Lord

Lord is the debut from Seattle-based punks FF, a trio comprised of Claire Nelson, Harley Thompson, and Michael Abeyta. For the entirety of their nascent existence they have existed on the fringes of the fertile enclave that is the Northwest DIY underground, materializing a singular vision of gloomy, ethereal punk anthems along the way. For sure, the touchstones are there – My Bloody Valentine, The Wipers, Sonic Youth, the Flying Nun Records cabal – but the collection of songs that compile Lord breakout from the suffocating box of 90’s revivalism, and offer a profound alternative to an overwhelming culture of nostalgia.

Recorded over the bulk of 2013 with Seattle engineering wiz Dylan Wall (Weed, Craft Spells), Lord is a collection of songs that capture a band on the cusp of their potency. Lord will be released October 20, 2014 on Couple Skate.