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Eyes & Eyes & Eyes Ago

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Nesey Gallons: Eyes & Eyes & Eyes Ago

Eyes & Eyes & Eyes Ago was recorded by Nesey Gallons (The Music Tapes, Circulatory System), and includes Julian Koster of The Music Tapes and Neutral Milk Hotel. The soft and gentle songs feature pump organs, acoustic guitars, banjos, singing saws, minimal drums, xylophones, sounds of nature, and delicate, childlike vocals. It was recorded from October 27th, 1906 to January 8th, 1907 in Old Bennington, Vermont, except "Aurora Borealis" which was recorded around Easter 1907 on an island in Maine. Gallons used an 8-track tape recorder, tube preamps, tube compressors, and a lot of RCA ribbon microphones. He recorded and produced the album, singing most of the vocals through a phonograph flower. The record is about the pursuit of friends not yet found/lost souls…the idea of childhood sorrow as if it were nothing more than coming into awareness of these missing souls…the difficulty of human life causing one to long even more deeply for the absent to be here, everywhere... Highlights include "Forest-Lit Dinners" with duet vocals by Sarah Moran and a fantastically booming bass drum, and the haunting pop anthem “Aurora Borealis”. Recommended if you like Elliott Smith, The Music Tapes, Neutral Milk Hotel, and The Microphones.1